Elegant Cornicing

About Us

Elegant Cornicing cc, a leading manufacturer and distributor of Polystyrene cornices and other hardware products to the Southern African Hardware Retail and land developing market.

Elegant Cornicing  opened its doors for trading in 2011, winning over its very first customers in the retail trade industry, including its first major National Chain store. The business has grown exponentially since then and our product offering can now be found in thousands of retail stores across Southern Africa. The key reason to our success thus far has been the ability to consistently supply high quality products at affordable prices. As the business continues to grow, we have expanded the manufacturing and warehousing facility to over 3000 sqm in 2016 with 9 branches and distributor’s throughout Southern Africa. Elegant Cornicing continues to expand its own vehicle fleet which used in the efficient delivery of all its orders. 

The company is extremely passionate about offering affordable and Elegant products allowing the consumer to really transform their house into a home. Elegant Cornicing has an extensive traditional as well as moulded range of cornicing to suit every customers needs. Through our ongoing innovative nature we always try to be first to market with new idea’s or designs, hence there are always patents pending so we can offer our clients new and exciting products.

A cutting edge and highly automated manufacturing facility allows high quality cornicing products to be locally manufactured at very affordable prices. There is a wide  range of cornicing and adhesives to choose from, suitable for every customers needs and requirements. At Elegant Cornicing there is continuous innovation through its research and development programs which is carried out by its engineers and development department. 

Additional products imported from Europe and China make up the balance of the Elegant Range.